These are the terms you agree to when you buy potatoes from Garden Larder

  • you will not buy potato tubers from garden Larder if you live out of Victoria and plan to plant and grow them
  • you will not buy potato tubers from Garden Larder if you live in a potato restricted/regulated area in any state
  • you will notify Garden Larder immediately you suspect that tubers you bought may harbour a disease. Please note that some diseases such as Scab are naturally occurring in nearly all soils and only become a problem when certain soil conditions are met, or when varieties are susceptible to scab in certain conditions. Scab is not present on Garden Larder tubers when posted.
  • When you sell or give away any Garden Larder varieties you will not change the name of the variety

My promise to you

  • Garden Larder will continue to monitor our varieties for disease so as not to spread disease to your garden
  • Your tubers will arrive in good planting condition
  • No variety protections will be placed on any of my varieties so you are free to grow, breed, or distribute them as you like.


We will do our best to make sure the seeds and bulbs you buy are the variety stated on the packet and pure (not crossed with another variety)