Stocks are out now. The shop will be open again around Christmas to plant for Autumn harvest.

Make sure you read the terms before you purchase as I have restrictions on who I can post tubers to.

Since I don’t have a farm any more, only a large back yard I am limited in the varieties I can develop and grow. Sure I would love a couple of acres to grow more but I am not going to do that again, it is way too much work for one person. If someone wants to come to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and grow unusual potatoes without the chance of making any money out of it, you would be welcome to join with me in a partnership, but until then what you see is what you get, lol.

Some listings are for mini tubers. These are very small tubers but will grow into full size plants.

To STORE your tubers till they’re ready to plant I suggest you keep them in egg cartons under your bed or in a cupboard. Check them every couple of weeks and if they start to sprout open the carton and place in a bright spot in front of a window until you’re ready to plant. The bright sun will keep the sprouts small.