I am so sorry that I have so few varieties to offer at the moment. I promise I will make up for it in winter so you have some interesting and unusual ones to plant next spring. It has just been a bad season again and I have been busy working on my new store so I haven’t spent as much time on the spuds as I should have.

Make sure you read the terms before you purchase as I have restrictions on who I can post tubers to.

Since I don’t have a farm any more, only a large back yard I am limited in the varieties I can develop and grow. Sure I would love a couple of acres to grow more but I am not going to do that again, it is way too much work for one person. If someone wants to come to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and grow unusual potatoes without the chance of making any money out of it, you would be welcome to join with me in a partnership, but until then what you see is what you get, lol.

Each listing is for 10 mini tubers. These are very small tubers but will grow into full size plants.