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Wattle 'Coastal'

Wattle 'Coastal'

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Costal wattle is a common sight along a lot of Australian coastlines. First nations people used the wood for a number of purposes but they travelled from far inland in summer to gather the seeds for food.

The ripe seeds are ground and the ‘flour’ added to normal flour in cakes and biscuits, or to stews and other recipes. It is high in protein and has a nutty flavour that isn’t unpleasant.

Please be aware that coastal wattle can become a weed when allowed to spread in areas where it doesn’t normally grow. It is known that blackbirds spread the seeds widely. This small tree can displace a lot of plants native to those areas.


  • Botanical name: Acacia longifolia var. sophorae 
  • Planting: The seeds germinate readily if you plant them in spring in trays or tubes. Plant out when big enough to handle easily.
  • Care: Water regularly when establishing. They shouldn’t need care after that. They normally grow in dry, coastal areas.
  • Harvest: Harvest the pods in summer when they’re dry and brown, and starting to split. Leave to dry fully then crush to separate the seeds from the pods.
  • Diseases: They aren’t attacked by many pests or diseases.
  • Cooking: The seeds are too hard to eat as they are and must be ground before using.
  • Seed Saving: Store when the seeds (and the fleshy arils that are attached to the seeds) are fully dry.


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