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Tomato ‘Crovarese’

Tomato ‘Crovarese’

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Crovarese is a sweet and tangy grape tomato from Italy. The skin is soft and it grows in bunches, similar to grapes. It’s often used for preserving but can also be eaten fresh.

  • Botanical name: Solanum lycopersicum
  • Planting: Plant in late spring after frosts are unlikely. Plant 60-100cm apart.
  • Care: This tomato is best staked to keep the plant off the ground as it grows. Make sure to plant in well fertilised soil and water regularly.
  • Harvest: Harvest when at full colour with the colours bright.
  • Diseases: Tomatoes can fall prey to some viral diseases so don’t plant in the same place that tomatoes were growing in the past two years. .
  • Cooking: Usually used for preserving and canning but can be eaten fresh also..
  • Seed Saving: Tomatoes are self pollinating so you don’t need bees or other insects to pollinate them. That said, although they won’t usually cross with other tomatoes you should plant at least 4 metres away from other tomatoes to make sure. Keep in mind that ‘potato leaf’ varieties will readily cross with other tomatoes so if you are also growing a potato leaf variety it will be best to net either this tomato or that one away from insects to make sure it doesn’t cross with it.

30 seeds

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