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Snake bean ‘Dwarf red’

Snake bean ‘Dwarf red’

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This is a productive bush snake bean that loves growing in the heat, unlike other green beans.


  • Botanical name: Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis
  • Planting: Plant in November after risk of frost and the soil is warm. Plant 30 cm apart in good, friable soil.
  • Care: water regularly when the weather is dry.
  • Harvest: Harvest the immature pods when the seeds haven’t started showing through the pod.
  • Diseases: I haven’t had any problems with pests or diseases with mine
  • Cooking: steam quickly or stir fry. They don’t need much cooking and are not pleasant when over cooked.
  • Seed Saving: Snake beans are self pollinating and the flowers are pollinated before they open so they won’t cross with other pea varieties even if they are near.


30 seeds

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