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Rhubarb 'Red Rover

Rhubarb 'Red Rover

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This is a variety released by Garden Larder a few years ago. The leaf stems are red, thick and long, and the plants are very vigorous. This is a winter growing variety that goes dormant or semi dormant in the spring, if your soil is very wet and cold.


  • Botanical name: Rheum x hybridum
  • Planting: Plant out your plant any time, into good, well manured soil. Take off the plastic bag first. Plant so that the top growing bud is a couple of cm below the top of the soil.
  • Care: Water regularly if the weather is dry. This is a very vigorous variety so you may have to dig it up and divide it every two or three years.
  • Harvest: Harvest the leaf stems when the plant is growing well and has many leaves. Don't take the very oldest or youngest leaves.
  • Diseases: Rhubarb is pretty pest and disease free, though slugs and birds may cause some holes in the leaves, but you don't need to worry about them. Soldier beetles (harlequin bugs) may live in the plants and you should check and get rid of them if required.
  • Cooking: The leaf stems are usually stewed with sugar and fruit as a desert. Don't eat the green part of the leaf.
  • Seed Saving: It is difficult to save seed from this variety as it flowers in winter with the wet rotting the seeds on the stems.

Here is a video showing the history and care of Red Rover Rhubarb:


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