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Pumpkin 'Winter Luxury Pie'

Pumpkin 'Winter Luxury Pie'

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This is one of my favourite pumpkins, it tastes great, small enough that you don’t have a lot of waste, and the skin is not to hard to cut. It makes really sweet and delicious pumpkin and bacon soup.

C. pepo

The skin has a light netting that shows when it’s fully ripe and ready to pick, and one of my favourite traits of this pumpkin is that it is the best pumpkin for scarring that I grow. When the fruit is half grown you can carve a word or picture into the skin with the point of a nail and it will scar and look great when ripe.

The fruits grow to around 2-3kg. It has a large seed cavity but it’s soft enough to cut off the skin and save as much flesh as possible.

Plant in late spring or early summer after the risk of frost has passed. I usually plant seeds in early November.

Plant 2 metres apart

Plant in good, well manured soil and water regularly during the summer so the soil doesn’t dry out.

Harvest the fruits when they get a netting on the skin after they turn yellow.

 Seed saving: Collect seeds from a fruit that you are sure has not been crossed with another cucurbit variety and dry them on a plate or tray. When the seeds are dry enough to snap without bending you can store them in an area that won’t be attacked by mice or insects.

This variety will cross with zucchini and summer squash.

30 seeds

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