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Pumpkin 'Rugosa Violina 'Gioia''

Pumpkin 'Rugosa Violina 'Gioia''

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Violina is a delicious, old, Italian heritage butternut pumpkin. The flesh is sweet, firm, and on the dry side so it stores pretty well.

The tan coloured skin (when ripe) is wrinkled and warty. The vines are fairly long and it is productive.


  • Botanical name: Cucurbita moschata
  • Planting: sow seeds either in trays or directly in the ground when the soil is warm in late spring.
  • Care: Butternut pumpkins don't need a lot of care but the soil should be well manured, and the pumpkins watered regularly in dry, hot weather.
  • Harvest: Harvest the fruits when they have turned a light tan colour and the fruit stems are dead..
  • Diseases: I don't get any bugs on mine, and Violina doesn't usually get powdery mildew (white mildew on the leaves) until the fruit is ready to pick.
  • Cooking: Peel and cook like any other butternut pumpkin. They make great soup, and this varieties has dry enough flesh to make a great roast pumpkin..
  • Seed Saving: Will cross with other butternut pumpkins and other moschata species pumpkins.

If you are going to collect seed make sure the fruit is fully ripe. Wash the seed and set it in a tray in a dry place until the seed is dry and will snap instead of bend when you try to bend it.

20 seeds

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