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This is a medium to good producing tetraploid with bicoloured  purple and white skin and purple flesh. The tuber is flattened a bit like a pancake and with fairly shallow eyes. This variety has high dormancy and will keep over the winter in a dark, dry place.

This variety is pretty easy to look after and can be harvested 4 months after planting. It will produce 2 harvests per year starting with the first planting in September and replanting directly after harvest. I believe that this would make a great variety for the market garden as well as home grower as it is easy to harvest, has a good flavour and is easy to peel.

Note that this is a tall, strong plant with large leaves and is very thirsty. It needs regular watering and doesn’t recover well if allowed to dry out and wilt.

6 small to med tubers

  • Commercial potential: High but as a novelty due to the flesh colour. Cultivation is easy.
  • Storage until planting: Chit before planting if you want them all to sprout at the same time. You can plant now before the tubers are sprouting but they will come up sporadically. Being high dormancy they can take a long time to start sprouting, you have to just be patient and wait for them to be ready.

NOTE: potatoes grown through the heat of summer will produce less and smaller tubers than when grown in cooler weather (spring). This is normal.

To watch a video of me harvesting a tub of Nellie variety:     This variety starts at: 12.05 minutes

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