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Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

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This herb is used like normal chives and has flat leaves and slight garlically flavour, and it’s a little more course in texture. It’s particularly good when chopped and added to egg dishes or stir fries.

It grows in spreading clumps to around 40-50cm in height. A hardy perennial and but it can be difficult to eradicate if you need to in the future.

  • Botanical nameAllium tuberosum
  • Planting: Sow seeds from late Spring after the chance of frost has passed. Thin the seedlings to 30 cm apart.
  • Care: Water regularly if the weather is dry but allow to slightly dry out between watering. They appreciate a bit of afternoon sun on hot days.
  • Harvest: Harvest the leaves regularly as you need them.
  • Diseases: Garlic chives doesn’t suffer from a lot of diseases.
  • Cooking: Add to savoury dishes as you like just before serving, or use as a garnish
  • Seed Saving: Will cross with other onions.


200 seeds

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