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Corn - Painted Mountain

Corn - Painted Mountain

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Painted mountain is a colourful variety of flour corn, though it makes a good sweet corn when picked young. The plants are short for a corn variety so it does well in smaller gardens. Each plant will produce two main cobs and maybe one or two small ones on the side shoots. You will get some purple, as well as green plants.


  • Botanical name: Zea mays
  • Planting: Plant in spring when the soil warms up about 30cm apart. I plant mine in November here in Southern Victoria
  • Care: Corn is easy to grow and should be planted in good, fertile soil. Make sure you keep water up to them in dry weather.
  • Harvest: When the cobs ‘silks’ brown off and the kernels produce milky juice if you press your thumb nail into one (peel back the husk to get to some kernels) then it is ready to eat as sweet corn. When the cobs are mature and the husks are brown you can pick them to grind into flour, or just for ornamental purposes.
  • Diseases: I’ve never had any trouble with mine but watch out for mice or parrots that like to feast on ripening cobs.
  • Cooking:
  • Seed Saving: Make sure you keep kernels from at least 100 plants if you are going to keep seed for replanting. Corn suffers greatly from inbreeding depression so needs a large genetic variety to stop it. You can keep one cob (or some mature kernels) off each plant for seed and one for eating.


100 seeds

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