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Chufa 'Spanish'

Chufa 'Spanish'

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Chufa is a very nutritious tuber about the size of a peanut when fresh. The plant looks like a clump of grass and produces the tubers around its roots in autumn. The tubers contain a lot of protein and oil as well as other nutrients. They taste like coconut.

Chufa is related to the very invasive nutgrass but this is a domesticated plant that doesn’t produce seed or have long stolons which means that chufa stays in its bed without spreading.


  • Botanical name: Cyperus esculentus var sativus
  • Planting: Plant in spring when the soil warms up about 30cm apart.
  • Care: Chufa is easy to grow and just needs regular watering. It’s best to plant them in sandy or friable soil to make harvesting the tubers easier.
  • Harvest: When the plants start dying down and going brown in autumn just pull or dig up the plants and shake off the soil. Pull off all the tubers and sift around in the soil to find tubers that have fallen off. Tubers can be set aside to dry.
  • Diseases: I’ve never had any trouble with mine. Keep an eye on them when they are nearly ready to harvest as mice may dig under the plants to eat the tubers.
  • Cooking: Wash any soil off the tubers if you didn’t do it after harvest, then they can be eaten raw (I like to eat the like nuts when watching TV), or they can be ground to make into a traditional nut drink called horchata.
  • Seed Saving: These plants don’t produce seed. You can save the tubers by just drying them before storage. They should keep in a cook place for a few years.

20 tubers

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