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Cauliflower ‘Green Macerata’

Cauliflower ‘Green Macerata’

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This is an old, Italian, cauliflower variety that is green, rather than the usual white. It has a mild and sweetish flavour.


  • Botanical name: Brassica oleraceae
  • Planting: Sow seeds from late Spring and Summer. Plant in well manured soil about 50-80cm apart.
  • Care: Water regularly if the weather is dry.
  • Harvest: Harvest the heads when well formed but before (or just as) they start to break apart.
  • Diseases: The most common problem with brassicas is which cabbage butterfly. The caterpillars can decimate your plants. You can use Dipel (a bacteria that targets caterpillars) or cabbage dust, or you can net the plants against insects. Just make sure that when you net (use vegetable net or old net curtains) you check for caterpillars or eggs already on the undersides of the leaves, and don’t leave gaps between the net and the soil that a butterfly can enter.
  • Cooking: Cauliflower is usually steamed or lightly boiled but can also be baked.
  • Seed Saving: Will cross with cabbages, broccoli, Tuscan kale etc.


200 seeds

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