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Carrot ‘Topweight’

Carrot ‘Topweight’

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Although it doesn’t look amazing, Topweight is my favourite carrot. It’s sweet and tasty and always reliable. It also isn’t quick to bolt.


  • Botanical name: Dauca carota
  • Planting: Sprinkle the seeds sparingly where they are to grow, then thin them to around 10cm apart when they are big enough to handle. If you leave it a little longer you can use the thinnings for baby carrots. Just make sure the left over carrots are at least 10cm apart, or further is better, so they develop into big roots.
  • Care: Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out at all when the seed is germinating, even if you have to cover the bed with shadecloth until they are germinated. Water regularly and keep the bed weeded.
  • Harvest: Harvest the roots whenever you like until they start showing flower stalks, when the carrots will go woody.
  • Diseases: I haven’t come across any diseases or pests in mine.
  • Cooking: There are just so many ways you can eat carrots raw or cooked that you should check cookbooks or the internet for yourself..
  • Seed Saving: Carrot flowers attract lots of pollinating insects which mean that they will cross with any other carrot varieties within 500m, and also with Queen Annes Lace. If you have feral or garden QAL in the area it may not be worth even trying to save seed as the cross makes bad future carrots.

If you are going to collect seed make sure you keep at least 20 plants to let go to avoid inbreeding depression. Harvest the seed when the stems and seed go brown and dry, then cut the seed heads into a bucket, and when perfectly dry just massage the heads to release the seeds. The seeds will be mixed with a lot of chaff so ask if you want advice on cleaning them.

900 seeds

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