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This is a medium producing diploid with very unusual red and yellow marbled flesh. The colour would put many people off, but you are visiting this site because you like more unusual and novelty vegetables, so I am guessing that it might fascinate you as it does me.

6 tubers

  • Ploidy – Diploid
  • Best for – Mash, baking. If you boil them for too long they may disintegrate in the water so keep an eye on them. I don't recommend boiling.
  • Notes: 1, Low dormancy variety (25 days). When planted in cool weather (spring) the leaves will get some yellowing at the tips. This will disappear when the weather warms up and is not a disease.
  • 2, Potatoes grown over the heat of summer produce fewer and smaller tubers than those grown in cooler weather in spring. This is normal.

Storage until planting: keep in a dark place until ready to plant, but if they start sprouting earlier, place tubers in a bright place. The light will stop the sprouts from growing too much. Plant 3-5 weeks before you expect your first frosts to finish. I plant mine in September here in southern Victoria. See ‘storage’ page for tips on overwintering tubers.

To see a video of me harvesting Bloodshot –  The harvest starts at 1.00 minutes

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