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Beetroot 'Alba'

Beetroot 'Alba'

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White beetroot tastes the same as red ones but without the staining of hands, clothes and other things that red beetroot juice does. They’re great used just the same.

I need to point out that some seed websites have white beetroot and sugar beet as the same thing. They aren’t. I grow both and they are very different. White beetroot looks and tastes like ‘normal’ red beets. Sugar beets are larger and uglier roots and just taste like sweet. No real flavour, just sweetness. I will have sugar beet seed available next summer.


Botanical name: Beta vulgaris

  • Planting: Plant beets directly where they’re to grow in the garden from late spring to late summer. Make sure the soil is well manured and water regularly. Plant 20cm apart.
  • Care: Beets don’t generally need a lot of care as they are pretty tough.
  • Harvest: Harvest the roots when they are fist sized or a little larger. If you leave them too long they may go fibrous or woody and lose flavour.
  • Diseases: I haven’t come across any diseases or pests in mine.
  • Cooking: Cook just like you would red beetroot. They can be pickled or roasted. or cubed and steamed.
  • Seed Saving: Beets are wind pollinated and don’t need insects to pollinate them. The pollen is very light and the wind can take it a long, long way so make sure your neighbours are not letting any go to seed at the same time yours are flowering. Will cross with silverbeet.

If you are going to collect seed make sure you keep at least a dozen plants to let go to avoid inbreeding depression. Harvest the seed when the stems and seed go brown and dry, then strip the seeds off with your hand into a bucket.

120 seeds

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