This is a medium producing tetraploid with bicoloured skin and purple flesh. 5 small to med tubers

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This is a medium producing tetraploid with bicoloured  purple and white skin and purple flesh. The tuber is flattened a bit like a pancake and with fairly shallow eyes. This variety has medium dormancy and will keep over the winter in a dark, dry place.

This variety is pretty easy to look after and can be harvested 4 months after planting. It will produce 2 harvests per year starting with the first planting in September and replanting directly after harvest. I believe that this would make a great variety for the market garden as well as home grower as it is easy to harvest, has a good flavour and is easy to peel.

I conducted a small naming competition on Linkedin and the winner named it ‘Nellie’. I think it is a lovely name.

Commercial potential: High but as a novelty due to the flesh colour. Cultivation is easy.

5 small to med tubers

Storage until planting: When you receive your tubers keep them in either the paper bag or an egg carton until you are ready to plant (plant 3-4 weeks before you expect your last frost in soil that is not waterlogged). Check them every two weeks and if they start to sprout open the box or carton and place in a bright spot near a window. The bright light will keep the sprouts small.

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5 small tubers, 10 mini tubers

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