This tetraploid variety produces well and has great flavour.

The tubers are red and the shape is elongated and uneven. 

  • Plant: Low and wide bush
  • Ploidy: Tetraploid
  • Flowers: White with light pink flush. The flowers fall off until the conditions are just right.
  • Tubers: Elongated with medium deep eyes. The flesh is pink in colour and makes a wonderful pink mashed potato. Fairly ugly shape.
  • Best for: All purpose.
  • Production:  About 1.5 – 2 kg or so per plant.
  • Potential yield:
  • Heat sprouting:
  • Heat tolerance:
  • RLEM tolerance:
  • Other:   This variety has good storage abilities. In a cool, dark, dry spot they will store for 4-5 months over winter, or a bit less in warmer months. They will also keep over winter in a light, dry spot for replanting.
  • Planting:  Make sure you chit them before planting as they sprout very sporadically. Place tubers in a light place for a few weeks before planting so they produce small sprouts. Once they have sprouted in the soil they grow fast.
  • Commercial use? Probably not as the sprouting is not even (though would be fine is chitted first). Some may even sprout weeks after the first ones do.
  • Fertility: This variety will drop all its flowers before or after opening (usually in hot weather) until the conditions are just right, then it will flower and produce seed berries as normal.

Growing timetable

  • Planting to sprouting – 4-6 weeks (sporadic if not chitted before planting)
  • Sprouting to flowering – 6 weeks
  • Planting to harvest –  nearly 5 months

Storage timetable – time from harvest to starting to sprout

  • In dark at room temp: 4 – 5 months (depending on temperature)
  • In light at room temp: 4-5 months
  • Replanted directly after harvest: 33 -43 days