This new potato variety produces smallish round tubers with dark red skin and light cream/white flesh. All purpose.

This plant produces quite well. Low dormancy.

This variety is new this year and missed out getting documented so I don’t have more information about the growth of the plant.

Low dormancy, all purpose.

  • Plant: Bushy and branching
  • Flowers: Dark purple
  • Tubers: Round. Dark red skin with white flesh. Deep eyes.
  • Ploidy: Tetraploid
  • Potential yield:
  • Heat sprouting:
  • Heat tolerance:
  • RLEM tolerance:
  • Other:
  • 100-110 days from planting to harvest

Cooking: Floury. Good for chips or smooth mash. Great flavour.

Dormancy: Low dormancy. See the ‘storage’ page for overwinter storage tips.

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