This tetraploid variety produces well and has great flavour.

The tubers are purple with large white patches around the eyes. The tubers are flattened ovals.

  • Plant: upright bush
  • Ploidy: Tetraploid
  • Flowers:
  • Tubers: Smooth with shallow eyes. Oval and flattened like a pancake. Purple and white pied skin with purple flesh
  • Best for: All purpose.
  • Production:  About 1.5 – 2 kg or so per plant.
  • Potential yield:
  • Heat sprouting:
  • Heat tolerance:
  • Frost tolerance: Low
  • RLEM tolerance: medium
  • Other:   This variety has good storage abilities. In a cool, dark, dry spot they will store for 3 months over winter, or a bit less in warmer months. They will also keep over winter in a light, dry spot for replanting.
  • Planting:  Make sure you chit them before planting as occasionally with the right conditions they will stay dormant in the soil for many months. Place tubers in a light place for a few weeks before planting so they produce small sprouts. Once they have sprouted in the soil they grow fast.
  • Commercial use? Probably yes as a novelty due to the flesh colour.
  • Fertility: This variety is fully fertile and will produce fruits.

Growing timetable

  • Planting to sprouting –
  • Sprouting to flowering –
  • Planting to harvest – 

Storage timetable – time from harvest to starting to sprout

  • In dark at room temp:
  • In light at room temp:
  • Replanted directly after harvest: