This is a low producing diploid but the tubers have a superb flavour. It is not a variety that I expect to be popular but I keep it to keep a lot of genetic diversity and because the tubers are cute.

  • Plant: Upright. 
  • Flowers: pink. large
  • Tubers: small and red with yellow eyebrows but sometimes all red. Lovely yellow/orange flesh.
  • Best for: boiling and salads.
  • Production: Each plant should produce about 8 tubers.
  • Other: seems to be resistant to RLEM.  
  • Planting:  Harvest at 90 days. Will produce at least two crops per season.
  • Commercial use? No, it does not produce well enough
  • Fertility: Flowers and makes berries.

Cooking: Delicious. Great boiled or makes a sticky mash.

Storage: Low dormancy. 21 days from harvest to sprouting. See the ‘storage’ page for tips on overwintering tubers.