This tetraploid variety has ok production and has a lovely looking pink tuber with pink flesh.

  • Plant: Bushy.
  • Ploidy: Tetraploid
  • Flowers: mauve pink
  • Tubers: elongated. Red skin and dark pink flesh. Occassionally the skin has some light russetting.
  • Best for: boiling and salads.
  • Production:
  • Other: Tubers are not even in size  
  • Planting
  • Commercial use? 
  • Fertility: Produces flowers and berries

Growing timetable

  • Planting to sprouting – 12-14 days (after storing tubers for 4 weeks)
  • Sprouting to flowering – 5 weeks
  • Planting to harvest –  95 days (3 months)

Storage timetable – time from harvest to starting to sprout

  • In dark at room temp: 70 days
  • In light at room temp: 22 days
  • Replanted directly after harvest: 28 days

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