My breeding goals are:

1, Develop useful or practical novelty varieties. My customers are more interested in fun and interesting colours, textures, and shapes more than high producing but bland tubers.

I do have some production goals though, I do generally select for plants that produce ok, at least 1kg per plant, even for diploids.

2, Producing day neutral varieties that produce at least two crops per season. If I come across an exceptional variety that is short day (only produces tubers close to winter, so only one crop in a season) then I will keep it, but for the most part my varieties will crop at any time of the year.

3, Many of my varieties do not have a long dormancy period which makes them harder to store over winter in cold areas. I am trying to select for those that will store until ready to plant.

3, As our summers become hotter and longer I am selecting for varieties that will grow and produce in those conditions. potatoes are known for reduced yield in hot conditions and I am trying to help with that.