This is a medium producing potato with very unusual red and yellow marbled flesh. The colour would put many people off, but you are visiting this site because you like more unusual and novelty vegetables so I am guessing that it might fascinate you as it does me.

  • Plant: bushy. Strongly branching
  • Ploidy: diploid
  • Flowers: purple.
  • Tubers: round with red skin and red/yellow marbled flesh. Good size tubers for a diploid.
  • Best for: boiling and salads, baking. The flesh is quite dry after cooking so needs a lot of butter or other sauce. It is good for mashing but the colour of the mash is very off-putting. Don’t boil for too long as it may disintegrate in the water.
  • Production: Each plant should produce about 6-8 tubers.
  • Potential yield: 800g
  • Heat sprouting: yes
  • Heat tolerance:
  • RLEM tolerance:
  • Other:  
  • Planting:  Harvest at 110 days from planting. Will produce two crops per season.
  • Commercial use? No, I doubt the flesh colour will make it attractive to most people
  • Fertility: Flowers and makes berries.


Makes a weird coloured but tasty mash.

Dormancy/storage: Low dormancy. 25 days in a dark, dry place.