Garden Larder specialty potato breeding program

Garden Larder is a small potato breeding business in Western Victoria, Australia.  My aim is to produce new and delicious varieties of potatoes for home gardeners and market gardeners. Potatoes more suited to climate change that can withstand hotter, dryer, longer growing seasons.

Up until now there has been limited choice of potatoes for home growers to choose from and I aim to fix that by offering new varieties every year. Varieties that differ in shape, colour and flavour to suit everyone.

I don’t work with modern types of potatoes so mine are usually smaller but with more variety than the moderns, including a greater range of colour, flavour, heat, disease, and frost tolerance.

Here are a few varieties that will be available in December 2020 for autumn harvest

Toffee Apple

This diploid is fast growing and will produce two crops in a season (even three if you don’t get frosts). It has a low dormancy but will still hold from the end of the second harvest till planting at the start of September if kept in a dark, dry spot.  A good producer for a diploid.
The flesh is cream coloured and the skin is thin so it does not have to be peeled (luckily as the eyes are too deep for easy peeling). Some seasons the tubers are all red if the summer is very hot, or the soil too acid. 

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Number 13

potato variety 'Number 13'
This is a high dormancy tetraploid that will produce one or two crops in a season, but still stay dormant over winter for at least 4-5 months with no special care. Once chitted it will grow fast and produce well. Available in December for harvest in Autumn
It has dark pink skin and pink flesh and it is one of my mothers favourite potatoes for flavour. It is a bit lumpy but otherwise a very nice and productive potato. Makes great pink mash. This spud is great for those looking for great winter storage ability. 

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As yet unnamed, this is a tetraploid with low to medium dormancy. Bicoloured purple and white with purple flesh. Flattened shape.